Spanish 135.3: Writing and Making in the Digital Age

TuTh 12:30-2P, MULFORD 230 | Instructor: Saum-Pascual | CCN: 23983

Units: 4

Prerequisites: Span 25

Are you an artist? A poet? What about a hacker? Do you think computers AND literature are cool?

Trying to bridge the gap between makers and writers, this exciting course engages in the critical making of digital literature together with the writing of scholarly essays on related topics. “Writing and making in the digital age” is a hybrid class that combines humanities literary analysis with the teaching of digital tools and resources through practical, hands-on work. Throughout the semester you will learn how to talk and write about electronic literature (e.g. hypertext narratives, kinetic poetry, automatic generators, social media fictions, chatterbots… and many, many more!) from the Spanish speaking world, learning specific terminology and theoretical frameworks for its analysis. Further, you will also gain the skills to hack, remix, and build your own digital poems and stories in a collaborative workshop setting.

[No prior technical knowledge is necessary to take this class, but knowledge of Spanish is required. Non-Spanish majors/minors can opt to be evaluated in English, but instruction will be delivered in Spanish. Spanish majors and minors will complete their assignments in Spanish]