Portuguese 27: Introduction to Portugal, Brazil, and other Portuguese-Speaking Cultures (In English)

MWF 9-10A, HEARST FIELD ANNEX B1 | Instructor: Carvalho Pinheiro | CCN: 23073

Units: 3

This introduction to modern Portuguese Speaking-Cultures is a small discussion based course that allows students to sample first hand current artistic production in Brazil, Portugal, and Africa. Who are these artists? For instance, why did U2 choose the Portuguese artist Vhils to film “Raised by the Wolves”? What in Sebastião Salgado’s photography spurred an invitation to the TED Talks? How is the stirring music of Cabo Verde’s Mayra Andrade connected to Vhils and Sebastião Salgado? These works and artists will prompt the debate of themes about freedom, climate change and populism in the age of Twitter. Beyond this, students will get a weekly taste of the Portuguese Language in class!

No textbook is required. The course will be taught in English and all readings and clips will be available on Bcourses.