Spanish 285: Spatial Approaches to Narrative

M 3-6P, DWINELLE 225 | Instructor: Navarrete | CCN: 22867

Units: 4

Framing, interweaving, labyrinth, telescope, house: these are only some of the many spatial metaphors that have been used to describe different kinds of narratives. This course will concentrate on a number of approaches to narrative that have traditionally been analyzed in terms of spatial metaphors. These include frame-and-chain narratives (enmarcados y ensartados), interlacing, the use of real and imaginary geographies, and narrative fragmentation. Theoretical readings will include selections from Viktor Shklovsky, Joseph Frank, Robert Durling, Simone Pinet, Alban Forcione, Henry James, and W.J.T. Mitchell. Among the narratives we will study (some of these in sizable excerpts): Calila y Dimna, Oliveros de Castilla, Don Quijote, Persiles y Sigismunda, Fortunata y Jacinta, La colmena, El cuarto de atrás.