Spanish 135W: Islands & Literature in Latin America and the Caribbean

TuTh 12:30-2P, DWINELLE 243 | Instructor: Dominguez | CCN: 21856

Units: 4

This writing-intensive course is restricted to Spanish & Portuguese majors only.

How have islands been depicted in literature, historical narratives, film, and popular culture? How have empires, from the Spanish conquest to Guantánamo, reinvented the Caribbean islands as tropical paradises or as real prisons?  This course will focus on islands in modern Latin American and Caribbean fiction, poetry and historical accounts. We consider the ways in which utopian ideals, colonialism, piracy, nationhood, revolution, militarization, and tourism have shaped collective memory in the “sugar islands.”  Works by Cristóbal Colón, Bartolomé de Las Casas, Gabriela Mistral, Luis Palés Matos, María Zambrano, Antonio S. Pedreira, José Lezama Lima, Guillermo Cabrera-Infante, Antonio Benítez Rojo, Edouard Glissant, among others.